Facebook is among the best places to get potential customers to buy your products because that’s where the majority of the population likes to hang out. Also, with more than 2 billion users, the market for your products is assured. But what makes Facebook the best place to sell your products is that it groups people according to unique commonalities. So finding your target audience is as easy as joining a group with the same interests and posting your products. If you want to sell furniture on Facebook, here are smart strategies to use:

a)ย  Display high-resolution photos to be able to sell furniture online

The fact that the customer will not see the furniture means photos are critical to telling them about the products. You can use a Smartphone to take your pictures, but ensure you capture the whole furniture. Also, take photos from different angles to ensure the customer sees all the details of the furniture.

b)ย  A great description will help you sell furniture quickly

People think that to write a compelling description, you need to be an expert copywriter. All you need to do is look at the furniture and write out its physical characteristics in a detailed manner. Aspects to capture in your description include price, dimensions, the location of the item, number of items, the condition of the furniture, and age of furniture.

c)ย  Honesty is key to sell furniture online

Do not try to hide any information about a product, whether itโ€™s good or bad. If the furniture has some defects, make sure to include them in the description.

d)ย  Pricing will determine whether you sell furniture or not

If your prices are through the roof, no customer will even inquire about your furniture. Remember that you are not the only one selling furniture on Facebook. So offer reasonable prices. Ideally, the prices you offer should ensure that you still get your profits.

e)ย  Follow Facebook rules to sell furniture long enough

Facebook groups dedicated to selling furniture have their own set of rules. You must follow the rules or get banned from the groups. The rules dictate what you can and can’t sell to the groups, how you sell them and how you deal with customers.


Remember that it’s a jungle out there. Always ensure your safety when selling furniture online. Some customers prefer meeting in a public place and closing the deal rather than coming to your home. Make provisions for that. You can also post your furniture on your timeline. You never know, you might have friends or followers who want that furniture.